Sonic Fusion

Listening Cities Performance (PART 1 & 2)
Electroacoustic Music Research Laboratory, Corfu, Greece

Date: Thursday 21 March 2013
Time: 15.30-18.00

Venue: DockBar, MediaCityUK, Salford
Tickets: FREE. Booking required


Audio, visual and live performances hosted/presented by our festival partner ‘Listening Cities’. How does the city change, beginning from an analysis of perceived sounds? How does the urban context of affiliation develop itself in the time and in relationship with its location to other situated contexts in other European geographical areas? How do we communicate and to teach these topics?


Listening cities aims to promote a heightened awareness of acoustic communication within urban environments and contexts. It allows for the exchange of creative practice by way of concerts in each of the partner countries, the authoring of research papers and presentations on subjects pertaining to the nature and future development of sonic art. The ‘Listening Cities’ project partners: Tempo Reale (Italy); Group de Musique Vivantes Lyon (France); Alte Schmiede (Vienna, Austria) and the Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Laboratory of the Ionian University Corfu (Greece).


This performance features works from composers of the Electroacoustic Music Research Laboratory, Corfu, Greece

PART 1 3:30 to 16:30
Forêt Animé Tape Nikos Palamares 4’:14
Glitch Tape Nikos Massaras 6’
iLand(t) Tape Lina Alexaki 12’:22
A walk in Kerkyra Tape Iliana Karaligka 8’
Sting Tape Theodore Karkatselas 11’
Dringi Dringi Manamou LIVE N.Palamares/O.Plakias/K.Tsoukalas 12’(all laptops)

PART 2 17.00 to 18.00
Pefkodaso LIVE P.Theocharidis/A.Mniestris 10’ (laptop+sensors/Laptop+SopranoSax) Duels Tape Vassilis Roupas 12’ 20”
Prayer Tape Katerina Tzedaki 12’ 30”
Sound Spaces LIVE Apostolos Loufopoulos/Myrto Korkokiou
i.Anatole laptop / Flute 5:00
ii..Ghost laptop / Alto Flute 5:00
Bee Tape Apostolos Loufopoulos 12’ 35”


Practical Details

This event is part of Salford Sonic Fusion Festival. Places are limited and pre-booking is recommended.


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